Austria, Graz, 3 - 5 March 2016

Title of the conference: Teacher Education in Europe



A1 Induction phase

A2 Inclusion

A3 International Mobility


B1 Multilingualism and Multiculturalism

B2 Early Childhood Education

B3 School Leadership

B4 Teacher competences

A1 C. Lamy - How do Young Teachers Deal with Professional Challenges during their First Year of Teaching?

A1 A. Holzinger & E. Rottensteiner - Educational Programmes for Newly Qualified Teachers and Mentors in the Induction Phase

A2 M. Sekulowicz - Teacher training Challenges in the Face of Inclusion, Polish Experiences

A2 S. Kopp-Sixt & G. Pickl - Educating teachers for a School for all

A3 D. Worek - Challenges and Chances of Teacher`s Mobility in Germany and Europe

A3 H. Vogl - Aspects of Success in Student`s Mobility

A4 M. Hlavata - Continuing Professional Development of Teachers in the Slovak Republic

A4 W. Vogel - Facts and Challenges in Continuing Professional Development of Teachers in Austria

B1 M. Peček Čuk - Preparing Teachers to Enhance Learning in a Multilingual, Multicultural & Migrant Context

B1 D. Gronold & B. Schrammel-Leber - BIMM - Federal Center for Interculturality, Migration & Plurilingualism

B2 V. Sollars - The Professional Training of Early Years Practioners and Links to Quality Provision

B2 L. Reicher-Pirchegger - Shared Space: Common School Entry Phase in Austria

B3 M. L. Oliveira - Training for School Leadership in Portugal

B3 O. De Fontana - Training for School Leadership in Austria

B4 R. Weitlaner & G. Krammer - Competence - based Admission to Teacher Education


Coordination Note / Graz / March 2016