Portugal, Lisbon, 19 - 21 October 2017

Title of the conference: “Evaluation Frameworks for Teachers and Schools”


Programme of the Conference

Abstracts of the Conference

Carlos Barreira
Challenges of a coherent and integrated evaluation approach for improving schools and teaching

Ilídia Cabral
Teacher evaluation models: an opportunity for professional development?

Vlatka Domović
Teacher qualification framework as a step forward to teacher professionalization? The case of Croatia

Maria Leonor Duarte
External Evaluation of Schools 

Ana Cláudia Cohen
School Internal Evaluation

Antoine Mioche
From inspection to support: the evolution and ambitions of France's teacher evaluation system

Christian Lamy and Elisabeth Houtmann
Assessment and self-evaluation of teachers and schools in Luxembourg


Maria Luisa Oliveira
Current developments in teacher education in Portugal

Pavlos Charamis
Initial Training and Continuous Professional Development of Teachers in Greece


Coordination Note / Lisbon / October 2017


In occasion of the ENTEP meeting and conference, ENTEP conferred the Emeritus member diploma to dr. Michael Schratz, who was the ENTEP representative of Austria since the day ENTEP was founded in 2000 in Loulé (Portugal). He was one of its most active, esteemed and quoted members, his work and discussions were distinguished by consistency, originality and vision.  Among other things, Michael authored an ENTEP discussion paper which has become one of the most important synthetic policy reports in the field of teacher education across Europe: What is a ‘European Teacher’? A discussion paper. Michael led one of the most important projects of its kind at the European level, the project EDiTE, which aims to develop an international doctoral programme in the field of teacher education. The representatives thanked him for all his work and effort in improving ENTEP and for his dedication to the ENTEP mission

It was a big honor that Mr. Guilherme d’Oliveira Martins, the former Portuguese Minister of Education, who in 1999 presented to his colleagues from other EU Member States the proposal for launching ENTEP, could open the international ENTEP conference Evaluation Frameworks for Schools and Teachers. His closing address from the Loulé conference in 2000 is available HERE.