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 - the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, established in 1975, is a European agency that helps promote and develop vocational education and training in the European Union (EU). It is the EU's reference centre for vocational education and training.:


 It reports figures on the European Union and its Member States, the Euro-zone, the European Economic Area and other global key players. pageid=1090,1137397&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL


 Established in 1980, Eurydice, the information network on education in Europe, has since 1995 been an integral part of Socrates, the Community action programme in education, and now covers the education systems of all countries involved in Socrates.
Eurydice is committed to boosting cooperation in education by providing greater insight into systems and policies. It does so primarily by offering policy-makers and other professionals active in the field with information and studies geared to their needs. Its publications may be broadly divided into descriptions of national education systems, comparative studies devoted to specific topics (teachers, the financing of education, language learning, ICT in education, lifelong learning, key competencies, etc.), and indicators and statistics.

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