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Conference Proceedings from Feldkirch Conference, Austria, January 2002.

Background Papers
Gassner Otmar Conference philosophy
Gassner/Brunner/Kohler-Spiegel/Teiner Teacher education in Austria in 2002: the road of change
Feerick Sean Bologna process update
Herburger Ulrich Internet streaming in a conference setting

Maan Nelleke Bachelor-Master structure in open higher education
Jacques Kate From universities to schools: story of radical change in teacher education in England
Cremin Peadar Teacher education in Ireland
Formosinho Joao Universitisation of teacher education in Portugal

European Veiws on Continuous Professional Development
Gassner Otmar Reorganising CPD - Lessons from Europe
Faidherbe Chantal Belgium
Heide Paul Denmark
Holcroft Carolyn England
Mikkola Armi Finland
Fermon Yolande France
Uzerli Ursula Germany
Psycharis Sarantos Greece
Murtagh Eamonn Ireland
Luzzatto Giunio Italy
Kerger Lucien Luxembourg
Jansen Febe The Netherlands
Formosinho Joao Portugal
Smitt Myrna Sweden 

Complete Versions of the Conference Texts
1.23 MB version with good resolutions of pictures
530k version for text