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Conference Proceedings from Loulé Conference, Portugal, May 2000.


Buchberger (A): Teacher Education Policies in the European Union – Critical Analysis and Identification of Main Issues
Formosinho (PT): Teacher Training and Teacher Professionality
Hargreaves (UK): How to design and implement a revolution in teacher education and training: some lessons from England
Niemi (FIN): Teacher education in Finland: current trends and future scenarios
Terhart (GER): Conflicting Concepts of Modernization in Teacher Education: Teacher Education Policies in Germany

Teacher Education in the member states:

Otmar Gassner and Michael Schratz Austria
Joseph Declercq Belgium/Flemish Community
Danielle Lietaer Belgium/Communaute Francais
Jerhard Jaspersen Denmark
Carolyn Holcroft England
Armi Mikkola Finland
Michael Krüger Germany
Sarantos Psycharis Greece
Colm Mullen Ireland
Mario G. Dutto Italy/In-service Training
Giunio Luzzatto Italy/Pre-service Training
Febe Jansen The Netherlands
Bartolo Paiva Campos Portugal
Myrna Smitt Sweden